CashWhiz Cashflow Forecasting Software

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CashWhiz Cashflow Forecasting Software

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Get Control, Get CashWhiz

Powerful, user friendly business forecasting software, focusing on profit improvement strategies and performance monitoring.
What is CashWhiz?
CashWhiz is a comprehensive business management software package that integrates the 4 key areas required to effectively manage your business:

Project - where is your business heading? Cashwhiz accurately projects the expected financial performance of your business with integrated cashflow, profit & loss and balance sheet projections.
Analyse - are you maximising your return? By using various analytical tools including what-if (sensitivity) analysis, break-even analysis & goal seeking, Cashwhiz will instantly calculate the financial impact of your decisions, eg, what if you increase prices, employ additional staff, relocate etc.
Measure - are your achieving your targets? Cashwhiz can import the actual results from your accounting software (via excel), to compare your budget v actual performance, identify trends and produce a source and application of funds statement.
Understand - are your management reports meaningful and accurate? Cashwhiz will streamline your management reporting, ensuring that you always receive meaningful and concise reports with no risk of undetected spreadsheet errors.

CashWhiz allows you to make informed, pro-active decisions to maximise business results.
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CashWhiz Cashflow Forecasting Software