CashWhiz Cashflow Forecasting Software

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CashWhiz Cashflow Forecasting Software
Key Features to drive your business
Profit & Loss Projection
Enter the inflows and outflows with ease using pick lists.
Enter costs calculated automatically as a percentage of income.
Enter stock movements.
Use the optional income drivers, labour drivers and the hire purchase & lease schedule for more detailed projections.
Automatic calculation of superannuation, interest, payroll tax.
Insert comments on any of the projections.
Profit & Loss, Income Drivers (per unit), Income Drivers (proportional), Labour Drivers

Cashflow Forecast
Use the collection & payment terms feature to automatically project the cashflow forecast.
Cashflow forecast seperated into operation and non-operating section.
Automatic calculation of GST.
Ability to insert multiple bank accounts and report on each.
Majority of balances automatically calculated in the projected balance sheet.
Cashflow Forecast, Collection & Payment Terms, Projected Balance Sheet

Create any number of businesses/operating centres within a file.
To report on consolidated businesses simply select which businesses you want to report on and then the desired report.
Ability to consolidate for all reports including cashflow, projected balance sheet, what-if analysis, etc.
Exclude any accounts from the consolidation process, eg, inter-entity transactions.

What-If (sensitivity analysis)
Powerful what-if analysis on any income or expense account.
Perform what-if on income drivers, eg, what if you were to increase prices by $x or number of customers by x
Perform what-if on GP margin or bad debt allowance.
Ability to do unlimited what-if scenarios with all of the reports updated immediately once the what-if has been performed.
What-If Income Drivers, What-If Income & Gross Profit, What-If Expenses, What-If Results Summary

Break-Even Analysis
Powerful break-even which also identifies how many customers required or charge rate/price required to cover the costs.
Ability to insert desired net surplus for goal seeking purposes
Break-Even Report

Departmental Analysis
Create unlimited departments and then associate accounts to a department on a percentage basis. This percentage is applied to both budgets and actuals avoiding the need to manually apportion the actual results to departments
Produce departmental budget v actual and analysis reports
Departmental Analysis, Department Report

Projected Balance Sheet & Ratio Analysis
Majority of balances automatically calculated in the projected balance sheet.
Ratio analysis automatically generated.
Projected Balance Sheet, Ratio Analysis

Five Year Forecast
Prepare a five year forecast whereby you can consider the expected variance from year to year.
Produce a five year cashflow forecast and five year profit & loss projection with key calculations automatically updated including GST and tax payable.
Five Year Forecast

Tax Planning
Enter the tax adjustments and then produce a report on the projected taxable profit for the year.
PAYG instalments and projected tax payable automatically calculated.
During the year, revisit the projected profit by recalculating based on say 1/2/3rd qtr actuals and 4th qtr budget.
Tax Planning

Budget V Actual
Produce both Cashflow and Profit & Loss budget v actual reports
Import data from Excel spreadsheets. For example, export MYOB transactions to Excel and then seamlessly import into CashWhiz.
Produce numerous reports on budget v actual results including graphical reports that also compare to the break-even position.
Profit & Loss, Import Data, Graphical Report

Consolidate any number of businesses for reporting.
Produce a batch report with an automatically generated cover page, table of contents, and summary report with all of the reports page numbered and referenced.
Export the majority of reports to Excel or Word.
Customise how you would like the reports to be displayed.
Design your own graph.

These features together with a comprehensive help facility make CashWhiz not just a cashflow forecast program but a complete business management tool.
CashWhiz Cashflow Forecasting Software