CashWhiz Cashflow Forecasting Software

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CashWhiz Cashflow Forecasting Software
Key Benefits to drive your business
Profit & Loss Projection
Project your profit over the next 12 months.
With the income driver projection you can identify how many customers or what you need to charge to achieve your profit projection.
With the labour driver projection you can factor into account employee wages, overtime allowance, salary reviews, new/terminated employees.
Pick lists are used so you can ensure that ALL costs are budgeted for.
Profit & Loss

Cashflow Forecast
Project your monthly bank balance over the next 12 months.
Automatically project your GST commitments.
Cashflow Forecast

What-If Analysis
Extremely powerful what-if analysis allowing you to consider the profitability and cashflow effect from unlimited scenarios.
Scenarios may include increasing prices, increasing customers, reducing gross profit, reducing labour costs, increasing advertising, etc. The scenarios undertaken will all depend on what industry you are in. For example, if you are in a professional organisation then you can consider increasing your charged hours or increasing your charge rates.
Once a scenario is performed, the results are immediately presented. The results will show the revised income, profit, cash surplus/deficiency, max & min bank balance.
What-If Income Drivers, What-If Income & Gross Profit, What-If Expenses, What-If Results Summary

Break-Even Analysis
Powerful break-even which also identifies how many customers required or charge rate/price required to cover the costs.
Enter your desired net surplus and CashWhiz will calculate what you need to do to achieve the surplus. It will calculate what you need to charge or how many customer you require to cover your costs. The information extracted will all depend on what industry you are in. For example, if you are in a professional organisation then CashWhiz will calculate how many hours you need to charge or what your charge rates need to be to achieve your desired net surplus.
Break-Even Report

If you have multiple businesses or departments, choose which businesses or departments you would like to consolidate and view the results. This can highlight underperforming departments or businesses.

Projected Balance Sheet & Ratio Analysis
Know your net wealth in 12 months time.
Know your average collection period, average payment period, and stock turn ratio.
Projected Balance Sheet, Ratio Analysis

Five Year Forecast
Conduct a five year forecast whilst using the what if analysis whereby you can consider the expected variance from year to year.
Produce a five year cashflow forecast and five year profit & loss projection with key calculations automatically updated including GST and tax payable.
Five Year Forecast

Tax Planning
PAYG instalments are automatically calculated and your residual tax payable will then be projected so you will know your tax position.
Allows ample time to start funding for your tax payable.
Tax Planning

Budget V Actual
Monitor your budget v actual results allowing you to identify any key variances and be proactive with your decision making.
Actual data can be imported from an Excel spreadsheet. For example, export MYOB transactions to Excel and they can then be seamlessly imported into CashWhiz.
Produce numerous reports on budget v actual results including graphical reports that also compare to the break-even position.
Profit & Loss, Graphical Report

These benefits will ensure you gain complete control of your business allowing you to make proactive, informed decisions to maximise your profits.
CashWhiz Cashflow Forecasting Software