CashWhiz Cashflow Forecasting Software

CashWhiz is now web based and can be found here

CashWhiz Cashflow Forecasting Software
CashWhiz is the perfect management tool for businesses who want to project, measure, analyse and understand their business performance. Actual results can be imported via Excel on a monthly basis and you can then instantly produce professional, meaningful and concise reports.

Businesses using CashWhiz will have greater control over the direction of their business allowing for pro-active informed decisions. Through the sensitivity (what-if) analysis, you can consider the financial impact of your decisions before they are made to maximise your profit.

CashWhiz is flexible enough to accommodate any type or size of business, however it is recommended that the user has an understanding of accounting concepts (eg, financial controller).

Gain complete control of your business by understanding:
Your business projections over the next 12 months
Your working capital requirements over the next 12 months
Your projected tax commitments
What income you require to achieve your desired profit
Financial impact of business decisions eg increase/decrease prices, employ additional staff, relocate, etc
Your expected net wealth in 12 months time
Underperforming areas of your business
Budget v actual variances so they can be actioned proactively

CashWhiz Cashflow Forecasting Software