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The flight is routinely 89 percent full, Ms. Miller said.Valuation process is helpful for doing renovation process if you want to increase your house price.It has been so popular that Sabena didn’t offer a Thanksgiving discount in Cincinnati that it offered in other U.S. cities because the flight was full more than a month before the holiday.

Why has the flight done so well?The Delta connection. Delta and Comair flights from 33 cities feed into the Brussels flight, allowing Sabena to draw from a larger market than it would have if it had tried to start the flight without the tie to Delta and Comair passengers.Business travelers. Brussels is the adelaide property valuers adelaide sa business capital of Europe, with more than companies maintaining headquarters there. Strong demand from corporations such as Procter & Gamble, General Electric and Chiquita has helped the flight, Ms. Miller said.

The Brussels hub. From Brussels, Sabena can connect passengers to major European cities and Africa. Sabena estimates that 65 percent of passengers aboard the Cincinnati-to-Brussels flight connect to other destinations.”You put all these factors together, and it does very well through Cincinnati,” Ms. Miller said.The Sabena flight has been good for business in Cincinnati. One Belgian firm was on the verge of choosing Buffalo, N.Y., for a U.S. factory before choosing Cincinnati, said Joe Kramer, vice president of economic development for the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce.

The Brussels flight was key, Kramer said. ”That was critical.”The company, Cryogenic Equipment and Services, makes large industrial freezing equipment and will begin manufacturing in the Reading Business Facebook Center early next year. It will hire 50 people in three years, Kramer said.The region’s link to Europe was obvious last weekend at a convention of go-cart exhibitors at the new Northern Kentucky Regional Convention Center in Covington.Exhibitors from Italy, Germany and London joined their U.S. counterparts to display amusement go-carts and racing carts.

The number of passengers and airline crew members arriving at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport from Europe increased in the first nine months of 1998 compared with the same period in 1997.Foreigners Kenton County Airport Board U.S. Rep.-elect Ken Lucas doesn’t assume office for a few more weeks, but he’s learning just how hectic a congressman’s life can be.In addition to grabbing an office, hiring staff and finding a place to live, the Boone County Democrat is lobbying the House Democratic leadership to land a good committee assignment.Valuation process is useful for calculating house price.

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